Playing Guide (FAQ)

Strategy in first phase

You may set tactics as "Stop adventuring and return to town" in adventure and "Escape from the fight" in fight, and go to adventures to 1st or 2nd floor at first dungeon. If the character is at level 3 or so, he/she can go to deeper floors.

I am stuck in 2nd floor of Arcane Tower.

Check the log on 2nd floor. You may got an item to advance. And you have to set a tactic explicitly to use it.

I cannot acquire a special item.

Check a capacity of your inventory at the location. It is better to set an adventure tactic with a condition as "If inventory is full after getting an item" and an action as "Discard the item with the least value". With this tactic, you will discard some item when your inventory is full. 

EXPs/GPs/items and aborting of the adventure

The character gains levels with EXPs. If the character is fainted in the adventure, he/she loses EXPs, items and GPs. If the adventure is aborted, EXPs and items are remained.

You can control somewhat of the adventure with tactics.

Difficulty in making a character

Returning to town during an adventure is impossible if you choose [Hard]. Special events are marked in the adventure log if you choose [Easy]. [Easy] or [Normal] are recommended at your first play.

Use of healing items

You can set tactics to use healing items. However the character uses them with his/her own decision. If you do not like that case, please set a tactic with an action as "Do not use the selected item."