How to play

1. Create your character

You open the app first time, the app shows Character creation screen. Enter a name of your character and distribute stat points for each status. About the status, refer Status page or help messages from the menu.
About "Difficulty", "Normal" or "Easy" is recommended. The difference between each difficulty, refer Information page.

2. Prepare equipment

Your character is in some town and has some money. At first, go to the Shop and prepare your equipment. Club and Buckler are recommended.
If you bought an item, verify equipping. Not-equipped weapons, armors, shields and rings have no effect. The equipped item shows "E" in your inventory.

3. Talk with the owner of Inn

At the Inn, you can talk with the owner. The owner knows various rumors and information.

4. Prepare tactics

Now you can go on adventure from the Outskirts, but it is better to make tactics. With tactics, you can instruct your character's action in the adventure.

At first, in the Outskirts, tap "Adventure tactics" button to open Adventure tactics screen. In the screen, tap "Add a tactic" to add a tactic.
Make your first tactic with "When HP reach 25%" and "Stop adventuring and return to town". With this tactic, your character will return to town when the character is danger. Tap "OK" to return to Adventure tactics screen, and "Back" to the Outskirts.

Next, make "Fight tactics" in Fight tactics screen with a same process. The recommended tactic is "When HP reach 25%", "Escape from fight". With this tactic, your character will escape from fight when the character is danger.

5. Go on the adventure

Now you are well prepared to go on adventure, in the Outskirts, select "Demonic Forest" from the destination and "Floor 1" from the floor. And then tap "Confirm adventure". The destination and the estimated return time will be shown.
If they are OK, tap "OK" button to go on adventure.

6. View the adventure

After the adventure has been started, you can do nothing but viewing the adventure. You have to wait your character returning.
In the Outskirts, you can view the adventure with "Adventure log" button. The logs will be shown one by one with time.

7. Prepare next adventure

When your character is returned from the adventure, buy more items with the money got in the adventure, prepare more tactics and go on further floors and dungeons.