Adventure and Logs

In the Outskirts, you can go on the adventure to the specific dungeon and the floor. The time for one floor is different for each dungeon. The estimated return time is shown when confirming the adventure. Your character will return at that time.
However, according to the situation, events and tactics, the return time will be changed.

The logs (details of the adventure) can be viewed in Log view screen. Tap "Adventure log" button in the Outskirts.

In some line of the logs, when you tapped the line, more detailed logs are shown (e.g. fighting logs). "Inventory" button shows inventories at that log.

Color of icon at fighting log

The color shows a difference of level to the enemy. The red icon shows strongest, and white, green and blue are weaker one by one.

Notification settings

You can receive the notification when your character is returning. Open "Settings" from the menu. You can change vibration, sound and lighting of LED.
The color of LED, the notification sound are default of the device. Depending on the device, the LED may not light.
When "Clear notification" is checked, the notification is cleared when the app is starting.

* If you shutdown and restart the device, the next notification is cleared (not notified).
* If you move the app to SD card, the notification may not be notified sometime properly.