Multiplayer fight

If you progress your adventure, you can do multiplayer fight in some town.


You can make your character fighting against another player's character. The inventory and fighting tactics are applied in multiplayer fight. The items in the warehouse and adventure tactics are ignored.

The GP, EXP and inventory are not changed in multiplayer fight (the items used in a fight is restored after the fight.)

How to multiplayer fight

Making a data of the character

You have to create the data before multiplayer fight.
Enter "Name" of your character ("Hero" may conflict another character). Enter "Comment" if necessary.
Then tap "Create character data", a dialog will show some texts. Copy these texts (by long pressing), and send them to another player by email etc.

* These texts does not contain personal data such as device ID etc.

Receive a data of another player's character

When you received the data from another player, tap "Input character data" at "Character 1". Enter texts into a dialog, and tap OK.
If texts are valid, status of the another player's character will be shown.

Enter your character data

Tap "My character" to set your character as Character 2. You can input another character with "Input character data" at "Character 2".


The data of Character 1 and 2 are ready, tap "Fight" to execute multiplayer fight.
Details of multiplayer fight are shown in logs. If you tap one of logs, the inventory in a point of log is shown.