Backup and restore

* The backup feature is still in a beta version. A restoration is not guaranteed. Please use this feature only in unavoidable situations such as a device resetting.

You can backup a data from "Menu" - "Backup". The data is saved to the storage. You can restore the data after an uninstalling the app, or a device resetting (in this case, you have to backup the data to an external storage.)

The logs are not backed up. You cannot backup if the adventure is in progress.

To restore the data, select "Restore" from the menu. After a re-installing or the device resetting, create a character once, and restore the data.

Location of the data

It is "logquest" directory of the storage. A file name of the data is "logquest_backup.dat". The restoration process uses this file.
You can copy or rename the file with PC or File Manager app. However you have to set the file name as described above when restoration.

Changing the directory

You can change the directory with "Settings" in the menu. You can use "/" as directory separators.