"Tactic" is a command to the character in the adventure. You can somewhat control actions in the adventure. There are two types of tactic, adventure and fight.

The number of tactics depends on the character's INT.

You can specify "condition" and "action" to each tactic.

Modification of tactics

If you modify the tactics in the adventure, these modification does not affect to the current adventure. These modification is effective from next adventure.

Conditions of adventure tactic

When you reach dungeon floor n:

Act the tactic when the character reach specified floor in dungeon.

When HP reach n%:

Act the tactic when HP reach specified percentage.

If I no longer have [x]:

Act the tactic if the character no longer have specified item.

If inventory is full after getting an item:

Act the tactic if inventory is full, when getting an item from a treasure box, or from an enemy.

If I am not using any tactic:

Act the tactic if above tactics are not acted in a certain minute.

Actions of adventure tactic

Use the selected item:

If the character uses healing items, HP is healed. Some other items have special effects when using them.

Stop adventuring and return to town:

EXP and items got in the adventure are remained, but GP is reduced by half.

Do not use the selected item:

This action cannot combine with a condition. The character uses healing items with his/her decision, but this action prohibit such using. With this action, you can limit using of healing items only by tactics.

Discard the selected item:

The character discard items even if they are equipped.

Discard the item with the least value:

The character discard the item with least value in his/her thought (if the item is healing item, use it instead of discarding). Since the estimation is not always accurate, an item with a higher value may be discarded.
The accuracy of the estimation depends on INT.

Equip the selected item:

With this action, you can change equipment in dungeon.

Conditions of fighting tactic

Other conditions are same as adventure tactic.

If I encounter the selected enemy:

You can specify the enemy.

Actions of fighting tactic

Other actions are same as adventure tactic.

Escape from the fight:

Try to escape from the fight. Escaping is not always success. If the character has a higher AGI, escaping is easy to success. If the enemy has a higher AGI, escaping is hard to success.