Playing Guide (FAQ)

If you are not familiar to the game, see "Getting Started" at first.

EXPs/GPs/Items and Aborting the Adventuer

The characters gain levels with EXPs. If all of the members are fainted in the adventure, they loses EXPs, items and GPs which are aquired in this adventure. If the party aborts the adventure but returns to the town, they are remained.

Combination of Classes

If your party has Priest, the adventure is slightly easy. If does not, it is better to increase floors little by little. In addition, Mage can learn a healing spell in some level.

If your party has Thief, the time of the adventure is shortened. However Thief is worse than Fighter in attacking.

I am stuck in the 2nd floor of Deep Cave

Check a log in the last room on the 2nd floor. You might have acquired a certain item to get past in former adventures. However, you have to use the item explicitly with a tactic. Set a party tactic to use the item in the room on the floor.

Why my Priest / Mage can learn only Warrior skills?

Since Priest and Mage has Warrior subclass, they can learn skills in Warrior. (About relationship between class and subclass, see this page in the manual.)

Each subclass gains individual skill points. For example, Priest has Warrior and Cleric subclass, he/she will learn skills in the order of Cleric skill (at Cleric level 1), Warrior skill (at Warrior level 1), Cleric skill (at Cleric level 5) and so on.

If your Priest / Mage learns Warrior skills, that does not limit (relate to) Cleric / Sorcerer skills.

My character always defends and will not attack

The first and second characters of your party are front, and they can attack enemies with a melee weapon. The third character is rear, he/she is behind the front characters, so he/she cannot attack enemies without a ranged weapon (such as Sling or Bow) or a magic.

When will I gain stat points?

The character gains a stat point every 8 levels in a generic level. The first level is 8.

Maximum Level of the Character

It is 100.

Maximum Value of Any Stat

It is 18.  You cannot go over this value, even with items.

Maximum Value of Total Stat

You can increase status until total value of four status becomes 60.

When will I gain next skill?

The skill will be learned every 4 sub levels. At first, the character can learn in level 1, so levels are 1, 5, 9 and so on.

Why my characters use/not use skills and/or items?

Thinking programs of characters are not sophisticated. Sorry for that. You can specify tactics with floor settings or use advanced tactics.

Enemies does not come out.

In the explored floors, since there is no settled monsters, so your party will encounter only wandering monsters.
In addition, type and rate of dropping items of settled monsters are different to wandering monsters.

If you change the dungeon, a status of the dungeon will be cleared.