Step 5. Go to an Adventure

You can go to an adventure from the outskirts of the town.

Move to the outskirts. At first, you have to select a dungeon where you go. Tap "Change" button, dungeons where you can go to will be listed. A difficulty of each dungeon is shown in a number of stars. Now, select "Demonic Forest" as your first dungeon.

You can refer details of the dungeon (a number of floors, a number of blocks per floor) with "Details" button.

TIPS: The number of blocks shows an area of each floor. All floors in one dungeon have same number of blocks. The number of blocks relates to a time which is required to explore.

You can go to an adventure at last. Verify your equipments and skills.

Select a floor to explore. It is better to start with first floor, and increase one by one. Tap "Go on an Adventure". A confirmation dialog will be shown. If you are ready, tap "OK" to go.

* The game will communicate with NTP server to verify the time of your device. A network connection is required.

After your characters have been started, all you can do is just watching their adventure. You can check details of the adventure with "Adventure log" button.

In an adventure log screen, logs will be shown over time. You can read details when you tap each log. In addition, when you long-tap the log, equipment of characters will be shown.

When you continue your adventure, there will be a case you cannot go ahead without verifying the log. If you are stuck, check your logs carefully.

When characters are come back, you can improve equipment with gold, buy potions, learn skills or increase status, for your next adventure.
In addition, with tactics, you can rather control your characters.

NOTE: In further dungeons, you will be required to use a certain item to get past. In that case, set a party tactic to use the item in a certain place. You can set a tactic by "Tactic" button in the outskirts.

Refer to "Game Manual" pages for more details.