Step 4. Prepare Equipment

Tap "Shop" button to move the shop. In the shop, you can buy and sell weapons, armors, shields and other items.

There are many items on sale. At this time, let us buy weapons and armors.
When you tap one of items, a detail of the item will be shown.

Your party is made up of three characters. The first and second characters are front, and the third character is back.

Front characters faces enemies. They can attack enemies with melee weapons, however also can be attacked from enemies. So that, buy melee weapons and armors for each front character.

Back character does not face to enemies. He/she cannot attack with melee weapons, but can attack with ranged weapons or magic. So that buy ranged weapon for back character.

Select items to buy with consideration for your money, prices of items and skills of your characters.

NOTE: Recommended first equipment is two Short Swords and two Bucklers for front characters, and Sling for back character.

You should equip weapons, armors and shield for your characters. When you tap "Equip" button, a character selection dialog will be shown. In the dialog, the characters who can equip the item will be listed. Select a character to equip.

When items are equipped, move to the inn. You can vefiry your characters' equipment.

The equipments of each character are buttons, and you can tap them. With the buttons, details of each item will be shown.

If your characters are well prepared, go to your first adventure.