Step 2. Learn Skills

Before going to an adventure, there are something which is better to do such as learning skills, hearing rumors, prepare equipment and so on. At first, learn skills.

The character can use spells or special abilities according to the character's class. These spells or abilities are called "skill" in this game.

When tap the character at the inn, a menu for the character is opened. Select "Learn skills" from the menu. A list of skills which the character can learn currently is opened.

About other items in the character's menu, refer to "Game Manual" pages.

Select a skill which will be learned by the character, tap "OK". The character learns the skill.

Each character can learn only one skill, a number of skills can be learned will increase every some levels are gained.

You cannot learn certain skills if its base skill is not learned. "Display skill tree" button at the bottom of the list shows a relationship of skills (the skill tree). The skill tree only shows skills that currently can be learned.

The skills cannot be used just learned them. You must put skills that want to use into "skill slots". A number of the skill slots is limited to a certain number, according to a level of the character. The skills in the skill slots can be used in adventures.

Select "Skill slots" from the character menu, and select skills into the slots.

If you selected a skill to a slot, you will get a skill list like a left image.

After learning the skill, hear rumors in the town.