Step 1. Make Your Characters

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When you start the game first time, a story will be shown. Tap "Skip" to return to a main screen. 
The characters are your personas in the game. Visit "Inn" at the bottom of the screen, and go to "Tavern" with a button to make characters.

There is no character in the tavern, an empty list will be shown. Tap "Recruit to move to character making screen.

Specify a name, a race, a class and statuses.

When you tap "Random" at the right side of the name, the game shows the name randomly selected.

When you tap "Random" at the right side of an image of character, the game shows the image randomly selected from preset images. Each tapping shows another character.

TIPS: Tapping of the image shows a next preset image. Long-tapping shows a previous preset image.

You can set your favorite image to your character by "Choose image" button. When you tap this button, the gallery will be shown. You can select an image and trim it.

NOTE: If some applications are listed when selecting the image, select "Gallery" or "Album". "Photos" may not be set the image properly.

You can select the race from Human, Dwarf, Elf and Halfling. Each race has different base statuses.
You can select the class from Fighter, Thief, Priest and Mage.

There are four statues, STR (strength), INT (intelligence), AGI (agility) and VIT (vitality). Dispatch bonus points for each status by "+" and "-" button. The max value of status is 18.

Since your party is made from three characters, make three characters by repeating these steps. Some of recommended combinations are "Fighter, Thief, Priest" or "Fighter, Priest, Mage".
However, you can make a new character anytime, so select classes as you like. Maximum number of characters is 10.

Select members of the party by check boxes on the right side. Check all check boxes, and tap "This member" to return to the inn.