Spells and special abilities are called "Skill" in the game. A character uses skills with consuming his/her MP. The skills which can be learned depends on a subclass.

There are some types of skills. Some of them can used only in an adventuring, others can be used in a fighting, and lest of them can be used in both. In addition, some skills can be used when the character equips a certain type of weapons.

Prerequisite status of skills

Some skills cannot be used when the character does not fulfill minimum status for them. The character can learn these skills, but he/she cannot use them even if he/she has that skills in his/her skill slots.

Subclass and skills

The character can learn new skills (gain skill points) every four levels in his/her subclass (level 1, 5, 9...), not a generic level. That is, each subclass gains individual skill points. 

For example, Priest has Warrior and Cleric subclass, he/she will learn skills in the order of Cleric skill (at Cleric level 1), Warrior skill (at Warrior level 1), Cleric skill  (at Cleric level 5) and so on.

Order of learning skills

High-level skills cannot be learned if low-level skills are not learned. For example, a cleric can learn healing spells in the order of "Heal Light Wounds", "Heal Moderate Wounds" and "Heal Serious Wounds".

Skill slots

The character cannot use all skills he/she learned in the adventure. He/she can use a certain number of skills in his/her "Skill slots".

The number of skill slots is three at first, and it is gained by increasing of the character's generic level.

Customization of skills

You can customize a name of skill, and a message when the skill is used, for each character. The customized name and message are shown in your log.
Open "Character Menu" in the inn, and select "Known skills". When skills are listed, long-tap a target skill in the list. Customization dialog will be appeared. You can specify the name and the message.

NOTE: You cannot customize when your party is adventuring.