Item synthesis

You can synthesize items by using a certain item which can be acquired in adventures.

Select items

You can synthesize items by selecting 'an item to be synthesized' and 'an item to synthesize'. In an item synthesize screen, you can see 'a synthesized result'. The two items become one item.

Catalyst for synthesis

There are a certain item to help synthesis. You can find the item in shops of some towns.

Rules of synthesis

There are some rules. Basic principals are shown below, but it is better to try various items.
  • Attributes of 'the item to synthesized' will be added to 'the item to be synthesized'.
  • If two items have different attributes (status), the result will be worse.
  • If two items are similar, the result will be better.
  • If you use the catalyst, the result will be better.
Maximum enhancements is +3, maximum normal status bonus is +4, some status bonus is +3. In addition, there is a limitation to a number of types of attributes.