You can open an item details dialog by tapping an item. When a character equips the item, a menu will be shown. Tap "Details" in the menu.

Common status

  • Name
    • Show in the left upper in the dialog.
    • You can rename the item (add a nickname to the item) when the item is in your inventory. Tap "Change name" in the dialog.
  • Required STR
    • Show a required STR of the item to equip both in "Warrior" subclass and "Rogue" subclass.
  • Class required
    • Show classes which can equip the item.
    • If the character is one of these class, and he/she has the required STR, he/she can equip the item.
  • Effect ("Recover" etc.)
    • Show effects when the character uses or equips the item.
  • Other modifiers
    • Show modifications for status etc.

Exceeds Requies STR temporarily NEW

The character equips an item with STR bonus, and he/she equips another item which requires his/her current STR value, and he/she unequips the first item, he/she can equip the item exceeds required STR. In this case, his/her AGI is much decreased. Make sure STR is sufficient.


  • Class
    • Show the weapon is normal or magic. Some monsters can be damaged only by magic weapons.
  • Type
    • Show a type of the weapon in "Sword", "Mace", "Spear" and "Ranged". Some skills can be used when the character equips a weapon with a certain type.
  • Normal damage
    • Damage with slashes. This damage can be reduced by armors. Slashing weapons have higher values.
  • Piercing damage
    • Damage with impacts. This damage can pierce armors, and cannot be reduces by armors. Smashing weapons have higher values.
  • Hit chance
    • Increase a chance of a hit.
  • Critical chance
    • Increase a chance of a critical hit.
  • Fumble chance
    • Increase a chance of a fumble. If an attack is fumbled, the attack does not hit regardless of any other condition.
  • Effective against
    • Some weapons have a special effectiveness for a certain type of monsters.
  • Weapon damage
    • Additional damage compared to regular weapons.
    • Some weapons which has been tempered especially sharpen have this value. Such as a weapon made by a master-craftsman.
    • Normal damage includes this value.


  • Defense
    • Show how the armor reduces a damage from an enemy.


  • Shield block
    • Show how the shield increase a dodge chance.

Other modifiers

Some items you will find in adventures have special abilities (modifiers). There are three types of modifiers.
  • Bonus for status
  • Attribute
  • Enhancement
Item can have some modifiers same time.

Bonus for status

When an item has bonus for status, it has suffix(es) in its name with a target attribute and a value (such as +1, +2). Suffix for each attribute are below.
  • S : STR
  • I : INT
  • A : AGI
  • V : VIT
  • C : Critical chance
  • H : Hit chance
  • D : Dodge chance
  • MA : Additional damage to spell
  • MD : Magic defense
  • R : Magic resist
  • L : Requires STR (decreased)
One item may have multiple bonus.


Some items have an attribute one of "Fire", "Ice" and "Lightning". If weapons have an attribute, these are effective for enemies which have a weakness for that attribute. If armors or shields have an attribute, these items can reduce a damage from same type of attacks.


When items have suffix like "+1" or "+2"... (without status suffix), these items are enhanced by powerful magic. These items have higher attribute generally than normal items. In addition, if weapons have the enhancement, these weapons can damage enemies which cannot be damaged by normal weapons.

Weapons with the enhancement increase its hit chance and damage. Armors with the enhancement increase its defense, magic resist and breath resist. Shields with the enhancement increase its shield block.


"Long Sword +1 (I1A1H2)" has one enhancement. When the character equips this, he/she gains +1 bonus for INT, +1 to AGI and +2 to hit chance.

Color of item

The color of each item is changed by its rarity. The rarity increases in a following order.
  • Black : Normal item.
  • Blue: Item with status modifier.
  • Green: Item with the enhancement.
  • Red: Item which has a special ability.