Adventure and Dungeon

Status for dungeon

A dungeon will be became clear by adventures one by one. The dungeon has an adventure 'status'. The status shows how much the dungeon has been cleared.

When a party is exploring floors which are not explored, the party is moving forward carefully with searching each block, the adventure takes more time. In contrast, when the party is moving in floors already explored, or returning to a town, the adventure does not take much time.

The status will be hold until you change the dungeon for the adventure. 

Class and time of the adventure

If your party has a thief (or a character who has "Rogue" subclass) who are specialist of the adventure, the time in the floors not explored will be become shorter slightly.

"Haste" spell and time of the adventure

Since "Haste" spell of Cleric increases a speed of a movement, the spell cannot be used in unexplored floors which the party searching in. The spell can be used in explored floors or returning to the town. When the party use this spell, a time to return might be brought forward from an estimated time.

Dungeon and number of blocks

Each dungeon has a different area per floor. The number of blocks shows how much area is in the floor. If the dungeon has much blocks, the dungeon takes more time to the adventure per floor.

Den of monster

Monsters has been settled in some blocks (the den of the monsters). You cannot go through these blocks without sweeping the monsters. In addition, since these blocks are dangerous, the party does not rest in these blocks.

When you have swept monsters, the den does not be restored while the status of the dungeon has been kept.


When the characters consume HP and/or MP, the party will take a rest. By taking a rest, HP and MP will be restored somewhat. But the party might be attacked by wandering monsters.
If the party takes rests, the time to return will be late from the estimated time. 

"Hiding" skill and rest

"Hiding" skill of Rogue can reduce an encounter rate to wandering monsters when the party is taking the rest.