Class change

A character can changed his/her class by using certain items. When the character changes the class, the character gives up experiences and restarts with another class.

Effects of class change

  • Experience points become 0.
  • A generic level becomes 1, and levels of sub classes are also cleared.
  • HP and MP are reset.
  • Skills are remained.
    • However, if a new class does not have some sub class, skills in these sub classes can not be learned anymore.
      • For example, the Priest changes his/her class to Fighter after learning some spells, he/she can use spells already learned. But he/she does not learn any other spells of Cleric.
    • If the new class has same sub class of the old class, the character will learn new skills, but he/she cannot learn until a level of the sub class becomes higher than older level of the sub class.
      • For example, the Cleric with Warrior level 8 changes to Fighter, he/she can learn new skills in Warrior sub class after he/she reach to Warrior level 9.
    • If the character can learn skills, but not learned yet, these skills are cleared (he/she cannot learn after changing the class).
  • Status are remained.
    • However, stat points will be gained after the character reach to the generic level in the old class.
      • For example, the character with level 23 changes the class, he/she can gain next stat point at level 24.

Advantages of changing class

  • Skills are remained.
  • The character might change to some high-level classes which have more variations of sub class.

Disadvantage of changing class

  • Experience points becomes 0.
    • The character has skills and status, but he/she is very weakened.
    • You have to gain experience points.